Product Reviews

By Tyler

Amazing product!!!!! I own an LLC, so my products and my boat is the image of my company. Going to the lake and looking professional is just as important as going to sporting shows to let the public get to know our products. If our boat looks terrible it reflects our product line. We have tried all the waxes known to man to keep our business boat the sharpest boat on the water. We were using a product called Shazzam. It is very expensive and one bottle does one application. It is a spray that is silicone-based only. It is a fine product but lasts only one or two trips on the water.

Seapower wax is incredible! It goes on very easy and buffs even easier. It doesn't leave a film on black rub rails or trim either. It lasts at least four trips on the lake and you can put as many coats as you want for even better results. Do not be fooled by the spray waxes! They do not last. I learned the hard way... The expensive way... This has carnauba and silicone: the best of both worlds.

One more note. On a trip to lake St. Claire our reverse solenoid blew and leaked all our brake fluid everywhere. When we got to the hotel I had to bleed the brakes and bypass the solenoid, and in doing a rush and stressed job I placed a soaking pair of vise grip plies covered in brake fluid on my custom painted boat deck. After about 20 mins I realized my mistake and to my amazement there was no damage at all to my paint, clear coat, or my gelcoat. I know for a fact it was thanks to my thick coating of Seapower Wax!

By Tom

Works better than anything else. Cleans and waxes at the same time, and with a random orbital it really cleans deep!

By Shopper

Seapower worked great on the hull of the boat. It had not been done for almost 3 years and it came out great. Now just doing the upper part of the boat a little at a time and loving it!

By Leo

Every boater should try this product! It goes on easy and removes easy. It does a good job and gives lasting shine throughout the summer!

By Jo

Still keeps the 30-year old gel coat like new. I'm amazed at the compliments the boat gets. I have been using this for decades on my boat.

By William

Great cleaner wax on fiberglass!

By Nena