Product Reviews

By Robert

So I have been using this on my granite counter tops for some time now and love it! It is a one-step cleaner and polish. Fabulous! But recently I decided on a cleaning binge to try it on my electric glass top stove. It says it's good for any solid surface. Well it worked wonderfully. But better than that is the next time you wipe your stovetop, it wipes clean and doesn't streak!! I was having trouble finding this in the marketplace so I decided it was good enough to order online! Try it on your glass stovetop. You won't be sorry!

By Jean

I have only used it a couple of times so far. I was impressed with the shine on my vanity counter top, which is made of onyx.

By Dennis

Cleaned and sealed my new marble counter top very well. A red wine spill on the tiles simply beaded up and left no stain when wiped away.


Love this cleaner. This stuff makes my onyx bathroom shine!