Product Reviews

By Sola

Wow, wow, wow! I just bought a used Saturn raft that had been sitting without a cover for over a year. I took the frame off the raft and there were stains from the frame rubbing against the raft, and I thought that nothing would be able to get those marks off. I washed the raft with soap and water to get all the odd debris off, but those stains wouldn't budge with soapy water. I followed the directions on the bottle of this cleaner and the marks came off right before my eyes! The raft looked brand spanking new when I was done. I followed the cleaning up with some protectant and the raft literally looked like it just came out of the box! Very pleased with this cleaner and will be buying it again when this bottle runs out. I have a 13' raft and I used about half the bottle for one cleaning.

By J.P.

Excellent product. Seapower Inflatable Boat Cleaner does exactly what it claims to do. It took my older 1989 Achilles inflatable and made it look almost new. My boat is red and it REALLY made a difference in appearance. It not only removed years of old oxidized film from the surface of the inflatables fabric, but cleaned it and gave a like new luster and shine, without making it look like it was covered in a cheesy dressing. You can see in the photos that the "before” photo shows pink-ish oxidized, chalky fabric, but the "after” photo looks clean, shiny, and oxidation-free. I highly recommend this product!

By Pete

Also works fantastic on boat fenders. There are other products on the market but in my opinion Seapower is the very best by far.