Product Reviews

By Carlos

This is a great product! The reason I decided to try it out was because of all the good reviews it has. In fact, the product is awesome. I was trying to find a way to reduce the small scratches from my stainless steel BBQ, and also the kitchen stove.

Here is an example what is does.

To get these results, I use a polish pad with my drill. When there is a lot of deep rust and oxide, you get real results using a pad due the appliance of more RPM (1500-2000) and pressure with an electrical unit, which gives you a better swipe over the metal. After finishing, clean off the surface with some soap to get rid of compound residue, and then use a microfiber towel cloth to dry and make it shine.

By T.S.

Works well on my sailboat rails!

By Shopper

This metal polish works great on the boat! A little goes a long way!

By L.M.

I got what I need and what I ordered. Way better than Brasso.

By Leon

Best metal polish I have ever used. It really handles extreme cases. The finish left is fantastic!

By Johnny

Does a great job on my boat.