Product Reviews

By Reginald

Easy to apply and did the job nicely! We keep a 1976 Tollycraft in the Pacific Northwest. Lucky for us ours slips in under a roof, but it's open to the wind etc., so each spring we must clean up the winter mess. This year we tried the Seapower fiberglass cleaner and followed with the Super Poly Boat Polish.

Both products were very successful without undo sweat on our part. When your gelcoat is as old as ours is, you don't want to have to do too much buffing, and this was certainly the case here - just apply and rub with terrycloth rags to reach the desired clean and shiny look. The polish coat is to protect the surface throughout our summer cruising and fishing trips. Good product!!

By Richard

This is the best product I ever used. Very good stuff!

By Tomas

Amazing product!

By Pac

Fast service and great product!