Product Reviews

By R. Fraik

My go-to boat soap for over 15 years!!! This is the only boat soap I buy anymore. Does a great job on hull and deck. I use with a very soft brush and a 5-gallon bucket with a grit-guard. Works best when temperature is over 65. It is a very viscous soap; a little goes a long way.

By Kaitlyn Grace

My boat looks AMAZING. I was skeptical about trying this boat wash as I've been using car wash soap for years. You only need a cap full of this stuff and I was actually able to skip the waxing step this time around because it turned out so beautiful. I am a lifelong customer for sure.

By F.W.

This is the best boat soap ever! Handles salt deposits, river scum, fish... I have 2 fishing boats, 1 saltwater outboard, and 1 river jet. I fish all the time. This is the best boat soap ever! It handles salt deposits, river scum, fish blood, and leaves the boats looking like they were waxed by hand.

By JS Jones

Best I have ever used!!