Product Reviews

By Bryon

For those of you younger than I (probably most of you), Glass Wax was a product that you wiped on, let dry to a haze, then wiped off. For all but the most filthy glass surfaces you were virtually guaranteed a streak-free result. TR Industries (No Streek) reportedly acquired the patent for this formula and this is what I expected to receive. Instead, I received a spray can with instructions that advise spraying the glass and wiping it off with a microfiber cloth before it dries. When following these directions I did achieve the desired result. A few touch-ups were required but the product performed as advertised.

Am I too lazy to use a standard glass cleaner? ...Well, maybe. Anyone who has tried cleaning the inside of a car's windshield and back window knows that you need to be something of a contortionist to reach the corners and edges. Typically the cleaner needs to be re-applied several times before most of the streaks are removed. I hoped "No Streek" would be the solution. It generally was, just not what I expected. Final thought... I would recommend this product.

By R.C.

Gel-Gloss Glass Wax is the best glass polishing product I've ever used. It's simple to put on and to take off, and my windows were beautifully streak-free. I use it both on my car windows, and for all the windows in my house. I'm a bit of a perfectionist about clean windows, and I've tried hundreds of glass cleaning products and have found none better.

By R.G.

This stuff is great for all windows and mirrors. We previously used a vinegar-water solution, but this stuff is easier to use, and also leaves a non-streaky finish. We use it on our cars, inside our house, and exterior windows - highly recommended!

By S.J.

Best cleaner for shower glass doors, and helps maintain glass shower doors! I am a professional house cleaner. I believe in using the best product for each job. I LOVE love love this glass cleaner for shower doors. I only use it on glass shower doors - but it far exceeds any other shower door cleaner/glass cleaner I have tried. Several others streak horribly. Apply with a paper towel, let set/dry and wipe off with a clean paper towel or microfiber rag. It removes tough water spots, and gets glass shower doors cleaner than any other product I've used, and helps prevent buildup.

How long does the protective coat last? My clients whose shower doors see very heavy use (small showers used daily or more) say it seems to last about a week (but larger showers where the water is only occasionally splashing up on the shower you see a longer results and every 2 weeks is perfect vs a small shower that is constantly pelted with water every day). It is always advised to still use a squeegee on your shower door when you are done showering.

By Mitch

This stuff really, REALLY works! I have two 8' x 5' picture windows. After years of trying, I'd concluded that it was impossible to get streak-free windows unless cleaned by a trained highly-skilled professional.

I used TR Industries Glass Polish on both sides of both windows, then waited for the sun to shine through them. No streaks!! There were a couple of spots that I hadn't wiped quite enough, but it was very easy to just wipe those spots off. Nice!

The one mistake I made was in using the polish on my plexiglass storm door. It wouldn't even wipe it off. I had to use the usual liquid spray to clean it and it came right off easily. However, the product only claims to clean GLASS and nothing else. It does it very well, so I have no complaints.

8 oz. doesn't seem like much, but after using it on a total of 160 sq. ft., I still have more than enough left to clean the windows a few more times. The product claims that a bottle of it will clean 2000 sq. ft. of glass. I don't know about that, but it definitely goes a long way.

By Vicki

Great cleaning product.